Agistment And Veterinary Services

Haunui Farm offers cost-effective agistment and veterinary packages which include reproductive veterinary procedures and drugs. Our dry mare and wet mare packages assist with budgeting for the season whilst we also offer standard daily agistment rates as well.

Given Mark Chitty is also our veterinarian; we set our own fees when it comes to procedures and drugs. All of our veterinary fees are charged in-house, we set the prices and, there are no mileage charges. Add to that the fact that Mark lives on site, we have a vet on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to tend to any veterinary requirements.

Mating mares in Australia is a practice that has been undertaken by Haunui Farm and our clients for many years. We have a close association with Kitchwin Hills in the Hunter Valley where a majority of our mares reside to be walked-in to NSW-based stallions. We are happy to take advantage of Australia’s warmer climate and send dry mares over early in the season however, in-foal mares are foaled here at the farm and lined up for service from this side of the Tasman. Not only is this more cost-effective but importantly, it gives us the opportunity to sight foals and put into place our management systems if required.