Haunui Farm’s reputation for achieving optimum results comes from our experience and understanding of thoroughbred racehorses, carefully developed over six decades. Our knowledge runs deep and our continually evolving practices are often quite detailed.

We offer our customers the best of both worlds: sixty years hard-won experience in thoroughbreds, with industry-leading innovation across many facets of our stud operation.

We micro-manage every aspect of every thoroughbred’s rearing, carefully monitoring and refining as we go, to ensure every animal in our care reaches its full genetic potential.

Haunui Farm’s Managing Director, third generation studmaster and respected equine veterinarian Dr Mark Chitty employs an unrivalled team of thoroughbred specialists who continually add system improvements to achieve better performance.

These enhancements, coupled with our new, purpose-built premises located close to Auckland and its international airport, place Haunui Farm at the leading edge of New Zealand’s thoroughbred breeding industry where our vision is to create peak performance through exceptional care.