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2017 Karaka Select

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Lot Type Col Sex Name Sire Dam Purchaser Price
474 Yearling b c Showcasing Valderama John Foote Bloodstock $60,000
480 Yearling b f Per Incanto Venus Bay Beamish Bloodstock $20,000
511 Yearling br f Shamus Award Acapela Wallace Thoroughbreds $45,000
563 Yearling b c O'Reilly Belle Fleur Mr C Ball $50,000
577 Yearling br f Ferlax Boston Symphony Collett Racing Stables $20,000
621 Yearling b f Ferlax Contemplate Res $10,000 Passed
631 Yearling b c Iffraaj Crystalina Brookby Stables $52,500
633 Yearling b c Showcasing Danasia Tartan Meadow Bloodstock $56,000
644 Yearling b c Showcasing Dazzling Walk Mr SA Sharrock $47,500
676 Yearling b c Bernardini Equestrienne Mr S McKee $50,000
695 Yearling ch c Star Witness Fille The Joy Res $80,000 Passed
706 Yearling br f Showcasing Forever And Ever Paul Moroney Bloodstock $70,000
715 Yearling br c Ferlax Gatestopper Brookby Stables $30,000
747 Yearling b c Rip Van Winkle Hukba Mitchfreedmanracing.com.au $34,000
748 Yearling b c Cape Blanco Ihadadream Ben Ahrens Racing $48,000
759 Yearling b c Smart Missile Irish Colleen Steven Cole Racing Stables $105,000
768 Yearling b c Darci Brahma Just a Dream Mr HS Chan $28,000
779 Yearling b c Showcasing Khales John Chalmers Bloodstock $145,000
814 Yearling b f Tavistock Liliane Mr GD Innes $20,000
841 Yearling b c Declaration of War Marfonteyn Res $30,000 Passed
847 Yearling ch c Ferlax Medea Res $10,000 Passed
850 Yearling b f O'Reilly Meleka Belle Mr SF Ritchie $100,000
858 Yearling b f Shocking Midnight Breaker Hughes Bloodstock $20,000
860 Yearling b c Iffraaj Miguelita Aquanita Racing $90,000
895 Yearling ch c Ferlax My Indigo Waterford Bloodstock $30,000
904 Yearling b f Iffraaj Not Surprized Res $30,000 Passed
917 Yearling b c Ocean Park Our Essence Forest Lodge Racing $47,500
952 Yearling ch c Showcasing Princess Amidala LDM Racing $75,000
975 Yearling b c Unencumbered Redoutebelle WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
977 Yearling gr c Ferlax Registered Nurse Belhus Racing/Luke Oliver Racing $65,000
978 Yearling b f Ferlax Rhandara Vandyke Racing $20,000
1006 Yearling ch f Iffraaj Seducation Baker Racing $34,000
1036 Yearling b c Al Maher Sinnfonia WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
1062 Yearling ch f Ferlax Stormy Choice WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
1067 Yearling br c Iffraaj Strictly Time Tartan Meadow Bloodstock $50,000
1072 Yearling b c Ferlax Sunshine Gold Mr C Ball $30,000
1084 Yearling b c Showcasing Tempranillo Res $30,000 Passed
1092 Yearling br f Ferlax This Is Your Life Baker Racing $25,000
1099 Yearling br f Denman Trilby Res $40,000 Passed
1102 Yearling b c Iffraaj Tsarina Belle Tartan Meadow Bloodstock $115,000